Board Of Supervisors Meeting Was Brief

OSKALOOSA — The Mahaska County Board of Supervisors meeting was brisk and uneventful.

The Tuesday, July meeting, which normally occurs on the first and third Monday each month, was not held on Monday due to the Independence Day holiday. Chairman Willie Van Weelden was absent.

Lasting fewer than fifteen minutes, Vice Chair Mike Vander Molen and Supervisor Mark Doland adhered to the agenda.

Following a moment of silence and approval of the agenda, minutes from the June 20 and 23 meetings were approved, as were the bills from June.

The Auditor’s fourth quarter report was accepted.

Resolution number 2016-07-13, sale of real estate, was approved. “I believe this came from the county attorney and relates to parcels formerly known as the county farm,” said Vander Molen.

Appropriations for fiscal year 2017 were approved. “They’re at 100 percent,” said Auditor Sue Brown. Doland made the motion to approve the resolution for appropriations.

The resolution to approve operating transfers for fiscal year 2017 were approved. “This is to move some money around in different funds, the general basic to secondary road fund, and rural services to secondary roads,” said Vander Molen. “We make these transfers every year to support our secondary road system, and really we max out what we can transfer. As long as I’ve known, we have had that policy.”

Salaries were approved for fiscal year 2017. “These salaries were based on what we decided at budget time,” said Vander Molen. “And probably also what we approved at the last couple of meetings for secondary roads and based on the contract with the law enforcement; so they’re all commensurate with what we have discussed before.” Mark Doland made the motion to approve.

There were a number of payroll changes to discuss. One person was removed and one was added to the Sheriff’s department. Also, there were two vacancies in the Secondary Roads department, one due to retirement, the other due to moving. The payroll changes were approved.

As far as the Secondary Road vacancies, Dave Shanahan, county Engineer, said they’ll get started advertising for the positions, in-house first.

The next item on the agenda was to certify cost allocation plan – Targeted Case Management – for fiscal year 2017. There were no changes, and the item was approved.

The board authorized the signature to bind coverage of the governmental entity crime policy. The three-year agreement was approved.

Due to Van Weelden’s absence, the consideration to approve the exception to policy to include Targeted Case Management treatment was tabled for the next Board of Supervisors meeting.

Updates were heard for the Compensation Commission. “This is for the commission that helps set compensation in the case of eminent domain,” said Vander Molen. There are several vacancies on the commission, in several categories.

“I just wanted to put it on so you guys can be working on it,” said Brown. “Like you say, a few are gone, moved, or have passed away; we just need to keep it updated.”

Finally, the floor was opened to public comments, of which there were none, and the meeting was adjourned.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be on Monday, July 18 at 9 a.m.

Story provided by Angie Holland


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