Concerns For Election Day

MAHASKA — For those hitting the polls on Tuesday for the June Primary Election, the Mahaska County Auditor’s Office has compiled a helpful question and answer list for those who still have questions before the big day.

What if I go to the polls and they tell me I can’t vote because I requested an absentee ballot?

You can surrender your unvoted absentee ballot to the election officials at your precinct. If you requested an absentee ballot by mail and did not receive it or do not have it with you, the precinct official will ask you to fill out a form saying that you did not receive an absentee ballot. You can then
vote a provisional ballot, which will be put into an envelope. On Thursday, June 9th, the Special Precinct Board will consider provisional ballots.

What do I do if I have moved since the last time I voted?

If you still live in the county where you were last registered to vote, go to the correct polling site for your new address. Take a current picture identification with your current address with you. You will be asked to complete a voter registration form with your new address, and you can vote
in the usual manner. If your ID is not current, call the Auditor’s Office 641-673-7148 for additional instructions.

What if I don’t have my voter registration card anymore?

If you are registered at the correct precinct, you do not need your voter registration card to vote. If you are asked for identification, show your current
driver’s license or other current picture identification.

What if I go to the polls and they tell me I am at the wrong precinct?

You will be instructed where your correct voting precinct is located and vote there.

What if I go to the polls and they tell me I am not registered to vote?

You can register to vote at the polls on Election Day. You will be required to show proof of residency and proof of identity. The best form of ID is a valid Iowa driver’s license with your current address. If your Iowa driver’s license has an old address on it, please contact the Auditor’s Office 641-673-7148 for additional requirements.

Can another voter attest for me if I do not have proof of residence or identity?

If you do not have proof of residence and identity, a registered voter in the precinct where you reside may attest to your identity and residence as long as the attester has not attested for anyone else and was not attested for in this election. You will both be required to sign an oath.

Falsely attesting or being attested for is a class “D” felony. If you do not have proof of residence or identity and do not have anyone who can attest to your residence and identity, you will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.

You will have until noon, Thursday, June 9, to present the proper ID information in the Auditor’s Office.

The special precinct board will meet Thursday, June 9, to consider provisional ballots.

Do you still have questions or concerns? Give the Auditor’s Office a call at 641-673-7148.

Story provided by The Oskaloosa Herald


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