EXCLUSIVE: Oskaloosa Police Chief Says Residents Should Feel Safe After “Isolated” Drug Bust

The Chief of Police of the City of Oskaloosa has reassured the public that Sunday’s massive drug bust is an isolated incident.

The bust occurred Sunday afternoon, where around 20 receptacles used for manufacturing methamphetamine were seized. 32 year old Robert Carl Williams was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and failing to affix a drug tax stamp.

In an exclusive interview with KBOE News, Police Chief Jake McGee says there is no danger of these kinds of busts becoming frequent in Oskaloosa.

“It’s rare,” explained McGee. “The last one I can think of was in 2011, and it wasn’t near on the scale as this one was. This one is rare, but even now meth labs are down drastically from five years ago.”

Even though it was an isolated situation, this could be the largest meth bust in recent history in Oskaloosa.

“In terms of meth labs that we have ever discovered in Oskaloosa, this is the biggest lab that we have been associated with in Oskaloosa,” said McGee. “It was a good find for us to put an end to that meth lab, but it was a very, very large lab.”

Chief McGee also has another resource he relies on.

“The one good this is we have very good communication with our citizenry within the community,” explained McGee. “They do a very nice job of letting us know if they suspect something, or if they smell something that they think they shouldn’t be smelling, in the case of a meth lab.”

Residents of Oskaloosa can call the dispatch number 24 hours a day at 641-672-2557.



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