Free Wireless Internet Available On The Oskaloosa Town Square

Main Street Oskaloosa and Mahaska Communication Group (MCG) have teamed up to bring free Wireless Internet to downtown Oskaloosa. In early July, MCG installed Wireless Internet equipment downtown to allow both guests and MCG customers free access to the Internet while visiting downtown, according to Steve Burnett, MCG’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Karen Hafner from Main Street Oskaloosa asked us if we could partner with them to make wireless Internet available downtown, and we said ‘Absolutely, we can help make that happen.’,” stated Burnett.

Now, both guests and MCG customers have access to WiFi on the Oskaloosa square.  According to Burnett. MCG customers can log in to the “MCG” WiFi network using their account number and last name. The benefit of doing so gets you a faster Internet experience than the guest Internet connection. If you don’t recall your MCG information, you can log in to the “OSKALOOSA” WiFi network with just an email address – in the same way any guest to town or non-MCG customer would.

“We live in an increasingly connected world,” Burnett continued. “Having WiFi available helps in at least 2 ways. It give you a better Internet experience than your cellular data plan can provide, and it keeps your data usage off your cellular data plan – which charges you for using your plan too much.”

“With Fiber-to-the-home Internet, MCG customers are accustomed to having the best Internet in the State of Iowa, and while no WiFi is as good as the Gigabit Internet (1,000Mb) we offer customers, it is still better than spotty Internet often delivered by cellular devices.”

Main Street Oskaloosa and MCG invite you to check out the free WiFi next time you are downtown – shopping, dining, working or playing Pokémon Go.

For more information contact:
Steve Burnett @ 641-676-1000 or


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