GOP Candidate Marco Rubio Stops in Ottumwa

Displaying 20160118_133052.jpgDisplaying 20160118_133052.jpgRepublican Presidential Nominee Marco Rubio held a standing room only town hall event at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa on Monday.

Rubio began the visit describing America’s identity.

“This is the greatest nation in the history of the world…We were founded on this powerful principle that our rights don’t come from government, they come from our Creator,” said Rubio. “Based on that principle is why we have embraced free enterprise and individual liberty, and it made this the greatest nation in the history of all mankind.”

According to Rubio, this election is extremely important, and it will take someone who understands the problems that the average American is faced with to restore the American Dream.

“This is a time for urgency. If we get this election wrong, there may be no turning around for America,” according to Rubio. “We can’t afford to get it wrong, and we won’t. But that means we have to elect someone who understands the frustrations you have. And I do, because I’ve lived some of them. When I talk about student loans, it’s not because I read a book about student loans. It’s because I had a student loan.”

During his speech, Rubio began to list the immediate changes he would make should he be elected President.

“When I get to the Oval Office, we are going to immediately repeal every single one of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders,” said Rubio. “All these overreaches by the EPA, my first day in office, they’re gone. Any effort to force Common Core down our throats, are gone, and we’re going to put school districts back in charge of the curriculum. And this crazy deal with Iran…on my first day in office, that deal is cancelled.”

Rubio continued to outline the plans that he would implement as the Commander In Chief. He was even more decisive about the funding and use of the United States Military.

“When I’m President of the United States we are not reducing our military,” explained Rubio. “We are rebuilding our military. Because the world is safer and a better place when America has the strongest military in the world.”

Rubio would take questions for roughly a half hour before meeting the people, and departing for a campaign stops in Coralville and Bettendorf.

Rubio is currently in the top four of nearly every major poll in the Republican race. The campaign leads up to the Iowa Caucuses on February 1st.


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