Governor Reynolds opposes legalizing recreational marijuana use

Marijuana was a big topic during this year’s Iowa Legislative session.  A bill was passed that would have allowed the amount of THC—the ingredient in marijuana that gets you high—to be raised in medical marijuana.  But Governor Kim Reynolds voted the bill.  She tells the No Coast Network why.

“There’s a lot of data out there and a lot of research that shows the impact. A lot of people start just innocently with recreational marijuana and it leads to addiction and other problems and so, I just don’t think we want to rush into that.  I’m just not in favor of recreational marijuana–at all.”

Reynolds says she’s fine with looking at the state’s medical marijuana laws, but is opposed to making recreational marijuana legal.

  • Julie Anstoetter Merfeld

    “A lot of data out there”….if she was actually reading that data, she would
    Legalize because of NO reason to oppose It. The fact that she’s a recovering alcoholic seems to lead her to believe that she’s best at making decisions for others. Compare your data to that of alcohol use and tell me which one is the problem. She should never be in that office. Her obvious lack of knowledge on the topic and her unwillingness to put aside her own demons speaks volumes. I’m embarrassed that she represents Iowa.

  • jontomas

    Every time Reynolds opens her mouth, she shows how ignorant she is – especially about marijuana!

    The U.S. Drug Czar’s commissioned 1999 study of marijuana, conducted by the prestigious Institute of Medicine concluded the “gateway” theory is just a myth that does not operate in reality. This has been confirmed by every legitimate study since then.

    In fact, SAMHSA research shows that for every 100 people who try marijuana, only ONE later becomes a regular consumer of illegal addictive, hard drugs.

    Recent research has found marijuana helps people QUIT addictions to alcohol and other hard drugs. Clearly, instead of being a gateway, near harmless marijuana is actually a TERMINUS drug – being the LAST one most people ever consume.

    Every person who chooses near harmless marijuana over addictive, very harmful alcohol, improves their health tremendously – as well as the lives of their family and community.

  • Dave C

    Stop electing stupid women to office.

    • jontomas

      First we must start where the greatest concentration of stupidity is – in the Oval Office.

  • 24 Hour Man

    Some people who drink alcohol will become alcoholics, yet we allow drinking.

    Some people who ride motorcycles will have fatal accidents, yet we license motorcyclists.

    Some people who ski down mountains will be injured or die, yet we allow downhill skiing.

    Some people who ride horses will be injured or die, yet we allow horseback riding and even protect stables from being sued.

    And some people who ingest THC will have a bad reaction to it, yet we now permit its consumption.

    This is the hallmark of a free society you fool

    • jontomas

      Right. – And the rare “bad reaction” is not dangerous and passes quickly. No one has ever died from consuming marijuana in all of recorded history.

  • 24 Hour Man

    Gov Reynolds are you scared you can’t control a controlled substance? It’s OK. Keep it illegal if you’re so scared about it. People will use the distribution system currently in place. No problem! The DEA can still control it by…what??? Catching about 5 to 10 percent of the product distributed? That’s how it’s currently ‘controlled’. BTW, If you can’t keep it out of a prison, what makes you think you control anything. Either way, people will still get anything they want within a couple of hours. Period. No questions asked. No one carded. No ID’s presented. No taxes collected. And ALL proceeds go into the drug gang’s or Mexican cartel’s till. It’s OK. That’s your way to handle it right Gov Reynolds? Business as usual. So you think by keeping the prohibition status quo it’s going away. It’s NOT going anywhere; you just kept it UNDERGROUND! Meantime you and I send our hard earned tax dollars to the gov’t to house cannabis growers or users in prison and feed them three square meals a day. Or pay for expensive helicopter missions to harass and chop down one plant hidden in granny’s backyard…

  • Stopprohibitionnow

    We are stuck with her. But in the 2020 election we need to vote all the prohibitionist out. This includes any body that is against 100% legalization. Brad Zaun needs to change his tune from trying to please a few on both sides and take a stand. He is half way there but still a prohibitionist. Need to vote Brad Zaun out too.

  • Stopprohibitionnow

    How is it fare that you can go to Illinois,Michigan, Colorado, California, Nevada and buy and use marijuana but in other states they will destroy your life if you are caught with it. What the F…. Research and you will see that for most people marijuana is harmless and has very little side affects. The real only bad thing is getting caught with it. And stop talking about people under 21. They already get marijuana if they want it and legalizing shows a reduction in minors use of marijuana. Need to vote vote and vote them out of office.

    • jontomas

      Don’t forget activism. And supporting marijuana reform organizations. Someone should start a NORML chapter in Iowa. It’s one of the very few states that doesn’t one yet.


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