Harsh winter hurting deer and wildlife population

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources said the weather is hurting the habitats of fish, pheasants and deer. It could mean fewer animals for people to hunt and fish.

The Iowa Wildlife Federation said this harsh winter is already changing how some deer are behaving, and other animals could have population problems long after the weather warms up.

Iowa Wildlife Federation President Joe Wilkinson said seeing deer closer to neighborhoods isn’t something to celebrate. It means they’re having to work harder to find a meal.

“They’re exposed more in the outside instead of in the brush where they can stay away and keep warm,” said Wilkinson. “They have to be out in the cold, they have to get the food they need to survive.”

Wilkinson said soon people may see even more on the side of the road.

“They’re taking more chances, you’ll see more roadkill around the roads this time of year,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson said deer aren’t the only animals in danger, though.

“Whenever Iowa gets 31 inches of snow or more, the pheasant population starts seeing a very noticeable drop,” said Wilkinson.


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