Holding Hands? That’s Cute

That was one of the best things that happened over the weekend. My girlfriend and I went to a couple haunted houses on Halloween, and it was awesome. The only bad thing about it is we had to drive about 45 minutes to Eldon, then 45 minutes to Albia, and then the half hour back home to Oskaloosa.

Eldon’s haunted house was pretty sweet. That’s where a creepy clown told me and my girlfriend, “Holding hands? That’s cute!” in a raspy voice. There were crazy people with chainsaws, crazy people in the jail cells (the jail cells are real, in case you didn’t know, and you don’t read the Ottumwa Courier. Eldon’s basement used to be a jail), and a creepy looking woman with her baby. Also, I’m glad I’m not claustrophobic because there were some tight spaces. I love jump scares, and if you don’t know what a jump scare is, it’s when something unexpected happens, like a person coming out of nowhere from behind you with a chainsaw. Yeah, that got me pretty good. It was exciting, though!
The only thing I wasn’t a fan of in Eldon’s haunted house was that it was a little too dark in there. It was difficult to see some of the decorations. I like the “gory” details. The woman with the baby, at least, I assume it was some sort of mangled baby doll. I couldn’t exactly tell because it was just a little bit too dark. All in all though, it was rad. Plus, it was nice to support the Eldon Fire and Rescue.
The Albia After-Prom Haunted House was interesting. We parked at the high school and rode a school bus to the actual haunted house. When we were a few minutes away from our destination, a couple of people in creepy masks started walking around the bus. My girlfriend kind of had a stare-down with a guy in a pig mask, kind of like from the Saw movies. It was pretty cool. When we got to our destination, my girlfriend and I were put in a group of 4, and this little girl was so freaked out a few minutes into it, that they went for the chicken exit. So, it was just me and my girlfriend for the majority of the haunt.
The first part was a hay bale maze, and then it was into the building. We sat in a “waiting room” and played a little game. My girlfriend’s seat number was selected, and the “secretary” had her sit in some sort of electric chair, and then the “secretary” told me “Say goodbye to your girlfriend!” and something vibrated the chair she was in to kind of simulate being shocked. The whole building was amazing. I loved how they put in fake doors. At one point, I couldn’t even find the door, which was a good thing, because in the back of my mind I just thought, “Don’t panic, it’s what they want you to do.”
I’m so glad I was able to go to a couple haunted houses this year because it’s one of the best parts of Halloween. The best part, of course, is the candy. If only some organization in Oskaloosa would have thought about doing a haunted house as a fundraiser, like the Eldon Fire and Rescue, and the Albia After-Prom Committee. I can only hope for next year.


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