Lost & Found

If you have a pet or item that you have lost or found, e-mail your info, including your phone number to kboe@kboeradio.com.

Found Dogs:
Two medium-sized Husky-type mix dogs... One is male, yellow in color, wearing a brown collar... One is female, white in color, wearing a pink collar... Found 3-20-15 in the south part of University Park... Call 641-660-9921

Found Dog:
Found in the 1600 block of South 5th in Oskaloosa - Male Black Lab with grey markings, approx. 7 to 10 years old. Wearing a camo collar and very friendly.. Call 641-660-2533

Missing Gray Cat:
Lost in N L Street and B Ave West neighborhood. Has a Pink collar with bells on it.
If found, call 319-270-3948

Lost Dog:
A toy rat terrier with a black face, white stripe down the middle of her back. Goes by the name of Lucy, and has a pink tag on collar.
If seen, call 673-6479 OR 641-660-0052

Lost Dog:
Missing from the University Park area, a female Husky named "Kaya", wearing teal collar with dog paw prints... Very friendly.

Lost Dog:
A walker coonhound that is mostly black, but does have brown & white mixed in as well. Goes by the name of Carbon, and has a blue reflective collar with tags stating address and phone number of the owner.
If seen or found, please call: 515-447-5587

Lost Dog:
Missing from the Highway 63 area, a chocolate lab named "Mack", wearing a tan collar. If seen or found, please call: 641-660-3131

Lost Keys:
A set of keys on a red State Farm lanyard that also has a car door remote attached to it.
If found, please call: 641-569-0994

Lost Snowblower:
In Edmundson Park area on 1-6-15. 
If found or picked up, please call: 641-660-6310

A female black lab that is young & friendly. Found East of Searsboro.
If missing this dog, please call: 641-593-6529

A cane at the entrance of Forest Cemetery.
If you believe it to be yours, please call: 641-673-5382