Mahaska County Board meeting held today

The Mahaska County Board began its new year Wednesday (1/2).  County Supervisors Steve Wanders and Steve Parker took their oaths of office after being elected last November.  County Attorney Andrew Ritland, Treasurer Connie Van Polen and Recorder Diane Upton Crookham were also sworn into office. Once the County Board got down to business, they approved a resolution approving up to $5.5 million in local option sales tax bonds for a new radio communication system for the County.  County Board Chairman Mark Groenendyk says while the Board hasn’t signed the contract with Racom for the radio system, that will be done once new County Attorney Andrew Ritland and consultant Ray Freeman go over the contract.

“Both parties understand that through the holidays, everything changing over over the (change in the) County Attorney (position)…..everybody’s just trying to get on the same page.  Everybody understands where we’re going.  It will be signed, it’s just a matter of where everybody’s comfortable with the contract and move forward.”

Groenendyk also says the County needs to find three sites to build towers for the radio system.  One would be south of New Sharon, another in Oskaloosa and the third north of Eddyville.


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