Oskaloosa High School Gym Remodel Project Set To Begin

The Oskaloosa Community School Board met on Monday, August 28 to discussion to new gym remodel. The initial board meeting was to approve the plans and specifications of the gym remodel. Carl Drost spoke of the details that the project manager has put in to the notes and plans of the remodel as he requested to read the plans prior to the meeting. All on the board felt as though the manager and the company would be working with the school’s and children’s best interest in mind.

In the specifications it noted that someone, like an architect, would go to construction meetings and do walk-throughs of the property during construction. Drost had a different idea in mind.

“I would love to do it, if I’m still on the board that is,” Drost continued. “Someone needs to be there everyday.”

Even School Superintendent, Russ Reiter, agreed that it would be helpful to have a faculty walk through and encouraged members of the board to view the changes being made occasionally.

“We would encourage any and all board members to walk through whenever they want as long as they have their hard hat and show your presence.”

The tentative schedule for the remodel has many of the outside structural changes scheduled for this fall while the smaller, more cosmetic like alterations — such as painting or patching — will be completed in the spring. An estimated completion date was noted on or around the 15th of April.


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