Oskaloosa High School Hosts Public Based Learning Night

The Oskaloosa High School hosted “Public Based Learning Night” on Thursday, April 7th. PBL Night is a night for classes to have kids show off projects to the community that they do throughout the school year. Projects such as Ping Pong ball launchers for physics, “Poems and Pictures for Poetry” that expresses poems that students wrote to go along with pictures, and conditional statement stories for math. The night gets separated with a certain amount of time for each subject (math and science, foreign language, English and literature classes, and fine art classes). The event that lasted from 5:30-7:45 ended with a fashion show put on but the fine art classes. Principal Stacy Bandy was pleased with the outcome of the second annual PBL night. Stating “It really is starting to grow and I think the kids really enjoy it!”


He hopes to invite more and more people throughout the years.


Junior Grant Hladik explain his marble sorter while Principal Bandy live streams it.

Story provided by Kaylee Daniels


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