Oskaloosa Mowing Season Code Requirements

With mowing season beginning, Oskaloosa residents are asked to avoid blowing grass clippings on the street. Grass clippings and other yard wastes deposited on the roadway can plug the storm drains and create a blockage of the sewer system. Once the storm drain or sewer is blocked, street flooding and household sewer backups can easily occur. Keeping the clippings out of the street helps reduce the cost of sewer maintenance and street cleaning.

Property owners are required to keep their property orderly and clean, including mowing grass and removing noxious weeds on a regular basis. Oskaloosa Municipal Code limits the maximum grass height to twelve inches tall. Yards with grass or weeds over twelve inches high are classified as a nuisance subject to civil citation.

If a property is found to have grass or weeds over twelve inches on the following dates; April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15, August 15 and September 15, respectively, the public works director or his designee may cut the weeds or grass at the owner’s expense. Also, the city may cut all weeds or grass on a lot or parcel of ground within the city that exceeds twelve inches in height after providing seven calendar days’ written notice to the owners, agents or occupants of the property. Notice shall be given by posting the property. The city council shall by resolution, fix a time for passing on the matter of levying a special assessment against private property for such weed or grass cutting. City council shall give the owner of the property affected notice of the time and place fixed for considering the matter of levying a special assessment against the property concerned.


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