Oskaloosa Police Urge Safe Driving

OSKALOOSA — The Oskaloosa Police Department participated in the special traffic enforcement phase (sTEP) which went from May 23 to June 5.

During this time period officers issued 35 seat belt citations and arrested one impaired driver. It is the goal of the Oskaloosa Police Department to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries caused by impaired drivers and occupants not wearing their seatbelts.

Additionally, the Oskaloosa Police Department is warning drivers of the dangers involved in texting and driving along with drinking and driving.

The impairments associated with drunk driving and texting while driving are very similar, according to the National Highway and Transportation Administration (NHTSA).

Both cause distraction and impaired driving that can result in following too closely, not being able to brake on time or weaving into oncoming traffic. Drivers who are texting behind the wheel have a 23% higher chance of causing a crash.

Story provided by The Oskaloosa Herald


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