Oskaloosa Water Board Considering Pay Increase For Manager

Oskaloosa, Iowa – The Oskaloosa Water Department has undergone some changes since Oskaloosa Water General Manager Chad Coon last negotiated his contract.

Coon’s contract was for $81,000 per year, and was put in place by the water board in June of 2014. Since that time, the City of Oskaloosa and the Oskaloosa Water Department have entered into a 28E agreement which has the water department being responsible for wastewater operations.

Coon recently took and passed his Grade 1 wastewater exam. That makes Coon eligible for a $5000 increase to his pay based upon conversations that took place between the water board and city council members.

Coon’s employment contract hasn’t been updated since the 28E agreement was put in place. The board said that if it can be found out in documentation that indeed it was agreed upon, they would honor that request for the pay increase.

Board members wanted to take the issue up at the September meeting, giving them enough time to investigate the paper trail.

Also approved was moving forward with looking at what it would take to once again have fluoride introduced into the Oskaloosa drinking water.

Fluoride addition ended several years ago, when it was found the ingredient was causing turbidity to the water.

Pay increase discussion begins shortly at the 37:50 mark in the video.

Story provided by Osky News


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