Oskaloosas City Council Meeting For The Week Of 5/4/2015

City sidewalks were again a hot topic of discussion as the Oskaloosa City Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting last night.

Council members Jason Van Zetten and Aaron Ver Steeg signed to put an item on the agenda regarding a stipulation in the site plan for the Nazarene Church across from Wal-Mart.

The stipulation, in the original site plan in 2009, stated that the Nazarene Church was responsible for any sidewalks that would be required by the city to install. WIth the new transportation initiative starting to take shape in the planning process, this item was designed to clarify what the plan was to get a sidewalk to allow pedestrians and bikers to make it to Wal-Mart from the approved path.

Van Zetten thought it was important to address the issue, and not necessarily move to force the church to build the sidewalk now. Ver Steeg believed it was important to treat everyone fairly in Oskaloosa, as there are other places in town that need sidewalk gaps addressed.

After discussion, the council unanimously voted against the resolution to compel the church to install the sidewalks, and instead voted to have City Manager Michael Schrock to investigate how much a sidewalk plan on either the north or south side of Highway 92 would cost before acting further. The vote for this motion was unanimous.

In other action, the Council and Mayor David Krutzfeldt made a special presentation to Tim Nance, who has retired after a long career working for the Oskaloosa Fire Department. The presentation included a standing ovation from the citizens in attendance and a plaque to commemorate the many years of service Mr. Nance has given the city of Oskaloosa.

The council also unanimously voted to levy a special assessment against the property of Dr. Lloyd Phillips at 201 High Avenue East for a large amount of excess garbage in the facility’s dumpster. This was done in compliance with the City Code of Oskaloosa.

Also, the council heard from Brad Reiman regarding life and health insurance renewals for the employees of the City of Oskaloosa.

Full minutes from this meeting can be viewed at www.oskaloosaiowa.org.

The next meeting of the Oskaloosa City Council is scheduled for Monday, May 18th at City Hall at 6 PM.


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