Pet Of The Week: Hoover

Hi Humans! Hoover here and I’m a 3 1/2 year old male Lab/Shepherd mix that was surrendered to the shelter because my owner was moving and could not bring me with. I’m a very good dog, and I learn things very quickly. If you are looking for a loyal companion, I’m your man! In fact, I am so loyal, that I can get a little protective of my family when strangers come around. I’m all bark though, and I warm up quickly once I know a new person is my friend. Because I am protective, I would not do very well in a home with small children. My previous owner loved me very much, and we lived in the country where I had plenty of room to run around. I am used to getting a lot of exercise, so my new home will have to keep this in mind. If you are looking for a loyal, loving, companion who will keep you safe, I’m definitely your guy, and you should come out to the shelter and meet me today!

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