RaeLynn Announces WildHorse Album

RaeLynn has announced the release of her debut studio album, WildHorse, out December 2. The 12-track album features RaeLynn’s personal single “Love Triangle” as well as collaborations with Dan + Shay and Leeland Mooring, a Christian artist from RaeLynn’s hometown, Baytown, Texas.


While the song “Love Triangle” tells the personal story of growing up in a divorced family, the majority of the new album was inspired by more recent events in Raelynn’s life. She says, “Every lyric takes you through a part of my journey these last four years – this record is my college experience in a lot of ways.”

From having her heart broken to marrying the man of her dreams, RaeLynn says the record was inspired by all the highs and lows over the last few years. She says, “This album is my journey and I sure hope you find some of your journey in it, too.”


WildHorse track listing:


1. “Your Heart”

2. “WildHorse”

3. “Love Triangle”

4. “Lonely Call”

5. “Insecure”

6. “The Apple”

7. “Young” (feat. Leeland Mooring)

8. “Diamonds”

9. “Trigger”

10. “Graveyard”

11. “Say” (feat. Dan + Shay)

12. “Praying For Rain”



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