Register Now For Primaries

MAHASKA COUNTY — Mahaska County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, Susan L. Brown, is asking that eligible voters in Mahaska County who have not yet registered with her office consider doing so before the early registration deadline on Friday, May 27th.

In January 2008, Iowa law was adopted to allow eligible persons the right to register to vote and cast a ballot on Election Day if they are able to provide proof of both their identity and residency at the polls.

The best form of ID is a valid Iowa Driver’s license with current address. If your license has an old address on it, you can use the license as proof  of identity and use one of the following as proof of residence if it contains your name and your current address: Current residential lease, property tax statement, utility bill (including cell phone bill), bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government documents (vehicle registration, tax assessment, etc.).

If you do not have an Iowa driver’s license, you can provide another ID as long as it contains your photo and is current, valid, and contains an expiration date. The expiration date must be the day the voter is registering or later or list.

Story provided by the Oskaloosa Herald


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