Safety Tips- Fraud/Phone Scams

On April 28, 2016, Colfax area residents received calls from persons portraying themselves as members of the Internal Revenue Service and demanding payment for back taxes. The number was 330-284-7362. This type of phone call is usually an attempt to get someone to provide credit card and personal information to the caller.

Jasper County residents are reminded to not provide any personal information to unknown or unreliable callers. In the event that you are unsure of the validity of the call, the Des Moines IRS office number is 515-664-6618, or you can report a scam at

There have also been recent fraud cases involving the internet, Facebook or other social media. This type of case usually involves a local resident who accepts a friend request, or email from an unknown person. The unknown person relates details of their life and that they are looking for a relationship. Due to their current financial situation, they need the local resident to help them out by sending them money. The local resident is usually asked to send certified checks or money orders to a bank or third party. In nearly all of these types of cases, the local resident never actually has a face to face meeting with the person.

Finally, an additional fraud case involves someone calling an elderly person claiming to be a grandchild who is in another state. The “grandchild” has been arrested and needs money for bond. In these cases, the local resident will actually be given phone numbers to call. The calls will be answered and persons will identify themselves as an authority which may take credit or debit card information to “help post bond”.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind people to be cautious when providing personal information to unknown or unreliable sources. We also encourage you to review this information with your family members, especially older family members.

Press release from the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office


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