School Board Meeting 3-7-16

The Oskaloosa School Board of Directors worked through a busy agenda Monday night handling a number of routine items.

The board approved a public hearing on Tuesday, April 12 for the 2016-17 school budget. Superintendent Russ Reiter recommended a budget with zero percent growth and an estimated levy of $15.4981 per $1,000 valuation. Reiter said the actual levy may be less, but until the Iowa Legislature sets an amount, this was the best way to go. Reiter said he felt it would ultimately be around $15, but recommended approving the higher rate.

“You can go lower if you wish after its published, but the levy can go no higher,” said Reiter.

The board also approved student fees for the next academic year with those fees remaining the same as 2015-16. Lunch fees were set at a previous meeting.

The board approved the purchase of new bleachers for the high school gymnasium and the smaller gym generally used for freshman athletics. This purchase completes the replacement of the competition gym and will allow for three rows of seating on the east side of the small gym. Seating and Athletic Facilities Enterprises, LLC received the bid not to exceed $53,210.

Thomas Bus Sales received the bid to install cameras in 25 busses. Transportation director Bill Almond and Reiter said the cameras would go into the 22 busses, which cover the routes in the district as well as three activity busses. Thomas put in a bid for the units and installation for $54,735.63.

The board also extended the timeframe for certified staff to apply for early retirement. Reiter said during the budget reduction meetings there was indication that there may still be some staff interested. The board voted to allow until March 31 for staff to notify the administration office. The same requirements for application and payouts are available to staff who have not previously chosen the option.

In other business:

  • Approved a solar power grant project at the middle school
  • Approved going out for bids for two 77-passenger busses
  • Authorized the sale of the used fluorescent lights currently being replaced by LED lighting
  • Set March 22 at 7:30 p.m. as the time for another board meeting


Story provided by RD Keep


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