Shinjimasu Competitors Advance

OSKALOOSA — Members of Oskaloosa CrossFit OFC Shinjimasu classes competed at the Iowa Games held in Dubuque. The Iowa Games are held once a year and competitors achieving first, second or third place rankings can move on to national competition.

What is Shinjumasu?

Shinjimasu combines hard and soft fighting techniques, allowing practitioners to execute punches and kicks with great force. One key component
of Shinjimasu is the use of strategy, coordination, and momentum in self-defense.

Oskaloosa CrossFit OFC Sensei (teacher) Bobby Opheim entered ten of his students in the competition and all ten achieved first, second and third place rankings to move on to the national championship competition to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan this summer.

“I am so very proud of the kids,” said Opheim. “And their parents.” “I have taught Shinjimasu for twenty-five years and these kids and parents
are some of the most dedicated to the sport.”

Following are the placings of the students at the competition: Jessabelle Opheim placed first in Kata, first in sparring and third in team; Bobby Ikaika Opheim placed third in Kata and first in fighting; Vincent Ramirez placed first in Kata and first in fighting; Jack Bunnell placed first in Kata and second in fighting; Josh Kirkhart placed first in Kata, third in sparring and third in team; Luke Abrahamson placed fourth in sparring and third in Kata; Regan Abrahamson placed first in Kata and third in sparring; Phillip Abrahamson placed second in sparring and second in Kata; Xavier Kemke placed first in Kata and third in sparring and Eli Fisher placed first in Kata and first in sparring.

Story provided by Deb Van Engelehoven


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