Meet the DJs - Steve Shettler

Birthday: 07/06/72

Married, Single, Or Other: Married to Staci

Kids: Rylie Grace

Favorite Male Artist: Travis Tritt, Toby Keith

Favorite Female Artist: Shania, Faith Hill

Favorite Country Group: Dixie Chicks, Blackhawk, Diamond Rio

Favorite Newcomer: Yankee Grey, Phil Vassar, John Rich

Favorite Non-Country Performer: Metallica

Favorite TV Show: WWF Raw

Hobbies: What hobbies? I have a daughter now!

Favorite NASCAR Driver: Dick Trickle (He's got a cool name...)

Favorite Food: Thin & crispy pepperoni pizza

Pet Peeves: Slow drivers that don't get over in the slow lane..

Radio Influences: Bob Kingsley

Pets: Angus, & Emma (Daschunds)

Quote: Waaaazzzzzuuuuppp!!!