Sugarland Debut New ‘Bigger’ Track

Sugarland has shared another song off their upcoming album Bigger, and this time it’s the title track.

The song certainly portrays a positive message, focusing on rising above troubled times, with Jennifer Nettles singing in the chorus,  “Don’t give up / You’re more than enough / Believe me love / You’re gonna be bigger.”

The song is the second track released from the album, which is set to drop June 8, 2018.

  • ONE MORE THING! While most people would consider Sugarland’s Kristian Bush a pretty cool guy, his kids may not agree. Kristian says he was worried about how his daughter would deal with Sugarland’s return while she was at school and she basically didn’t care. “She’s like, ‘Dad, they don’t care. My friends don’t listen to you,’” he shares. Although things are different for his son, who says kids are now waving at him in the halls, telling dad, “I think my social collateral just went up.”

Source: Rolling Stone


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