Suspicious Car Fires in Ottumwa Over the Weekend

The Ottumwa Fire Department responded to three suspicious car fires all within two hours of each other.

The first fire was reported at 12:44 AM on August 13 at 401 S. Willard St. Firefighters arrived on scene to find a pickup truck fully engulfed with flames, as well as a garage and another vehicle parked nearby were beginning to burn. The fire was extinguished and an investigation followed which led investigators to believe the fire was intentionally started.

The second fire was in the 1900 block of Mable, this fire involved a passenger car which was parked in the street and was completely destroyed by the fire. This fire occurred at 1:13 AM Sunday August 13.

The third vehicle fire of the weekend occurred at 134 N. Sheridan Ave. This fire involved a passenger car which was destroyed and the fire also damaged a nearby garage and another vehicle. It occurred at 2:21 AM Sunday August 13.

These last two fires are under investigation and are being considered suspicious due to the circumstances.

If anyone has any information or has surveillance cameras that may have captured something you are encouraged to contact the Ottumwa Fire or Police Departments.

A reward is available for information which leads to an arrest of up to $10,000.

Ottumwa Fire Dept.    641-683-0667 Extension 3

Ottumwa Police Dept. 641-683-0661

Iowa Arson Hotline    1-800-532-1459


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