Josh Turner Announces New Album

Josh Turner has announced the release of his sixth studio album, Deep South, out March 10. The 11-track album will mark Turner’s first studio release in over four years and will include his current Top 20 hit “Hometown Girl” as well as his 2014 single “Lay Low.”


·       Josh says, “It was really important for me to expand creatively and explore in new ways for this record. The way I pick songs is different now. There are so many things in my life and career that have matured me as an artist.”

Deep South Track Listing:


1.  “Deep South”

2.  “All About You”

3.  “Hometown Girl”

4.  “Beach Bums”

5.  “Southern Drawl”

6.  “Where The Girls Are”

7.  “Never Had A Reason”

8.  “Wonder”

9.  “One Like Mine”

10. “Lay Low”

11. “Hawaiian Girl”


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