Unconventional Invocation Evokes Comments at City Council

There was a large voice from the public, and even a few council members last night at the city council meeting.

“Tonight, as many of you have figured out,” Scott began. “I will not be invoking a higher power. Instead I will be pointing out some powers all of us have thanks to the wonder of human evolution. To do the most good, for the most number of people right here in beautiful Oskaloosa. I encourage everyone to harness these powers in every discussion invoked tonight.”

Justin Scott laid out the power to empathize with those different than you, taken a different path than you or experienced different struggles; power to embrace diversity in the community and seeing it as an opportunity to grow; to strive for inclusion in city government who works for all citizens; human power to demand justice within your city because we are all in one way minorities.

Scott noted that the chamber should not operate as merely a group of individuals looking out for themselves, but rather relying on one another while celebrating all that makes us different, yet all the same.

In Scott’s words, “Human power of attempting to do the most good, for the most number people is the best power any of us have.”

Scott’s invocation received many opinions from the public who address the council. Jim North stood at the podium and supported Scott, “it takes a brave and courageous person to speak in a hostile environment, and shed light on the hatred and fear that others experience when confronted with something they were taught to fear or hate.”

Another  public member, Jimmy Carter wanted to give the council and attendees a simple reminder of the Pledge of Allegiance noting that in the reciting it states we are “One Nation under God.” Carter also displayed a twenty-dollar bill and referenced that on the back of the bill was written, “In God We Trust”.

Council member Tom Walling also made his comment heard at the conclusion of the meeting: “I’ve already talked to Michael, [Schrock, City Manager] but I think he should have come to us and talked to us about who did our opening today.

Many public members had left the city council meeting as the agenda got underway. Scott also left before a comment could be made.



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