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Tis the Season of Giving for Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

On Friday, December 15th, 2017, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Employees participated in a gift card give away.

For the 2nd year in a row, an anonymous donor generously provided funding for gift cards.

During the evening hours, Sheriff’s Office employees randomly chose shoppers at area businesses and handed them a $100 gift card. Twenty gift cards were provided to persons in Jasper County.

We would like to thank our donor for their generous giving during the holiday season. The recipients were very thankful for this kind gesture.

On a side note, the Sheriff’s Office staff was also on the receiving end of a little holiday spirit. After our shift of playing Santa Claus, several of us dined at a local restaurant. Much to our surprise, a very generous citizen anonymously picked up the tab for all of our meals! So we would also like to offer our appreciation to our benefactor!

Jasper County Man Violates No Contact Order, Possesses Methamphetamine

In the morning hours of December 3rd, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office was called to the residence of 118 Bolton Street, in Kellogg, IA in reference to a possible violation of a no contact order.

Upon deputies arrival, sixty-year-old Douglas Lane Krier was found on the property of Deborah Kay Krier.

While looking for Douglas, an odor of Marijuana was coming from the shed which the defendant was located in. A search was conducted after receiving consent. Within the sleeping area of the shed, revealed a broken glass meth pipe, a cigarette used to smoke marijuana, and a small glass container with a fine white powder was all discovered in plain view.

A black container with meth – ice – was also located and tested positive as methamphetamine.

Douglas Krier was arrested and charged with Violation of a no contact order, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Krier appears to remain in custody with a hearing scheduled for December 13th.


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