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Southern Culture On The Skids

This week’s semi-obscure artist o’ the week is Southern Culture On The Skids, (or as their fans call them, “S.C.O.T.S.” for short.)

This North Carolina trio has been kickin’ up dust since the early 1980s. Known for their pumped-up retro-rocka-psychobilly surf-country style and quirky fashion sense, they’re also known to toss fried chicken and banana pudding out into the audience from time to time during their live shows.


“Voodoo Cadillac”, live in 2004:

“Too Much Pork For Just One Fork”:


Here’s their very first music video, “Roadside Wreck”:


With song titles such as “Nashville Toupee”,  “Biscuit Eater”, “My House Has Wheels”, and “Carve That Possum”  they’re tongue is firmly in-cheek. They’re pretty prolific too, with 15 albums and several EPs under their belt..


They’re pure awesome-sauce with sprinkles. If they’re ever playing near your town, miss them at your peril.


Later, dudes!  – Bobbo     🙂



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