City Clerk for Webster in Hot Water for Questionable Financial Transactions

A state audit shows the former city clerk of a tiny town in southeast Iowa made some questionable financial transactions. State Auditor Mary Mosiman says her office’s investigation of the City of Webster covered just over a two year period.

“The total impact to the city was $5,436,” Mosiman said. Around 90 people live in Webster. Lindsey Black was the city clerk for the Keokuk County town from December of 2014 through this past March. She resigned around the time the mayor of Webster started noticing some unusual payroll checks. Auditors found Black was paying herself more than her allotted salary.

“There was a little over $3,400 of improper payroll and $1,675 of improper reimbursements,” Mosiman said. According to Mosiman, it appears there was little oversight of Black’s work as the city clerk and she took advantage of the situation.

“Most cities do have a city clerk that handles all of the financial transactions, but we recommend that the city council on at least a periodic basis do some additional oversight…actually sit down with the city clerk and look at the invoices and they really should approve payroll each time payroll is to be authorized,” Mosiman said. “That’s one of their responsibilities.” Copies of the State Auditor’s report have been filed with the Division of Criminal Investigation, the Keokuk County Attorney’s Office, and the Attorney General’s Office.


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