Single Digit Days left for Chain Retail Store in Oskaloosa

With the news of the Oskaloosa located JcPenney’s closing in March, the last day open for business is quickly approaching. In just six days, the JcPenney’s located at the Penn Central Mall will lock it’s doors for the final time.

Initially, the store planned to close in the middle of June, but later extended the going-out-of-business sale to July 30th. The Oskaloosa location is one of almost 140 stores closing country-wide. The decision was not taken lightly, but was aimed to improve profitability in the booming era of online shopping.

The Ottumwa location was also on the list of locations to close. Other major retailers in Ottumwa that already closed up shop include Target, Kmart and M.C. Sports; however, a new business has taken over the old Kmart location: Hobby Lobby. Which opened it’s doors two weeks ago.


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