Under The Radar Music: Trent Summar/Hank Flamingo

Bobbo’s artist o’ the week this week is the virtually unknown Trent Summar.

Trent Summar has been around the block awhile (since 1987) but few know who he his, which is unfortunate, ‘cause this guy rocks. Trent’s first group to make any sort of splash was the cleverly-named “Hank Flamingo”. Here’s their only song that was ever sort of close to being a hit, “BabyIt’s You”:

Several years down the road, not long after I started at KBOE, a great CD crossed my desk by this new band “Trent Summar & The New Row Mob”. I thought surely, these guys would go somewhere… well, they didn’t. Here’s a couple of kickin’ tracks from that first album:

“New Money” –

“Paint Your Name In Purple” –

and “Starletta” –

Good stuff, eh? Well… I think so anyway. Next week, I’ll be back to impose my oddball musical sensibilities on you once again. Here’s a hint about next week’s band: They’re a somewhat zany bunch with a bass player who bears a resemblance to “Married With Children” character Peggy Bundy. Later, taters! Bobbo 🙂


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