Tips For Avoiding Car Theft

As the temperatures rise, unfortunately so do the car burglaries. Some burglar’s prefer “easy targets” such as an unlocked car with valuables inside.

Here are some tips to minimize your chances of being a victim:

– Always lock your car, no matter if it is parked in front of your residence or in your driveway.

– If you do park your car outside, park in well-lit and/or high visibility areas. You may want to add lighting, such as a motion detector light or security lights.

– If your car has a security system, use it. Your car horn honking or headlights flashing may be enough to scare off any would be burglar and draw attention to a potential problem.

– Remove all valuables from your car if possible. If you leave them inside, place them out of sight or in the trunk. Most burglars are looking for something of value and easy to take, such as a purse/wallet, computer, cell phone or GPS system. It is also not a good idea to store change/cash in your cup holder as this is something that is attractive to burglars and often taken in car burglaries.

– Never leave your keys in your car. Chances are you may be missing more than your spare change, cell phone or GPS.

– Be a good neighbor. If you see suspicious activity such as individuals looking in vehicles, walking close to vehicles or individuals out at a late hour, call and report it immediately. By working to together, we can reduce vehicle burglaries and reduce crime in neighborhoods.

Press release by the Oskaloosa Police Department


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