One injured in Poweshiek County tornado

One person was injured after a tornado moved through Poweshiek County Wednesday night (5/29).  The National Weather Service says a tornado was confirmed on the ground about two miles southwest of Barnes City and Deep River shortly after 7pm.  The tornado lifted off the ground and returned to the ground three times.  Poweshiek County Emergency Management Director Brian Paul talks about the amount of damage.

“Two properties were damaged in rural Montezuma.  Both of them were just outbuildings, shop type buildings.  No homes were significantly damaged.  One injury was reported from this tornado.  But those injuries were very minor and not life-threatening at all.”

The injured person’s name has not been released.  A preliminary report from the National Weather Service has determined the tornado was an EF-1 with peak winds of 95 miles an hour, just under ten miles long and 20 yards wide.


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