Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest on Drug Charges

An individual attempted to bring contraband into the Jasper County Jail yesterday.

Lindsey Oneel was being transported to the Jasper County Jail  after she was in a vehicle that had been pulled over by law enforcement. Oneel was the registered owner of the vehicle, but did not have a valid drivers license. The car  was searched by officers. Inside of a small black bag was a marijuana smoking pipe. The vehicle was impounded.

As Oneel was being ushered into the jasper county jail, that’s when correctional officers noticed Oneel fidgeting with her hands after they were handcuffed behind her. As Oneel was instructed to step forward, an officer noticed an object in her hands. She then dropped a syringe onto the ground.

After a search of Oneel’s person, a second syringe was found in her bra. The 28-year-old was charged with possession of contraband inside a correctional institution and possession of drug paraphernalia from inside the vehicle.

The syringes tested positive for methamphetamine.


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