UI Healthcare Sigourney Dropping Primary Care

There have been concerns that UI Healthcare Sigourney is closing, although that isn’t exactly the case. According to Tom Moore, UI Healthcare Media Relations Director, the Sigourney location is still going to be in place, but without primary care.

“The primary care service is closing in Sigourney because we took a look at our limited resources, especially given the nationwide shortage of positions we’re beginning to see, with the age and the population, and other factors that are leaning towards a shrinking of the available healthcare services, and determined that it would be best for us to step back from providing primary care services in Sigourney,” said Moore.

UI Healthcare spoke with Keokuk County Healthcare, and were informed that KC Healthcare had capacity to take care of the primary patients.

While the primary services will be closing on July 27 th , the specialty care will remain in place.

“We’re going to still be there in a specialty role. Cardiology, or heart services, pulmonology, or people with lung disease, and then urology. We’ll still provide those specialty care services in Sigourney, just no longer will be providing the primary care service,” Moore said.

Moore also said that if patients want to make an appointment with UI Healthcare Sigourney for primary care or to transfer medical records before July 27 th , the number to call is 641-622- 3840.

The number to call after July 27 th to transfer medical records and to speak directly to UI Health Information Management is 319-356- 1719.

Story by George Henry


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