Under The Radar Music: Lyle Lovett

Greetings, friends and neighbors! The Bobbo artist o’ the week this week isn’t obscure, but he’s not exactly mainstream, either.

Texas native Lyle Lovett had a brief moment of near-popularity in the early 1990s that faded as quickly as it began. He’s still out there, though.. and recently has been performing live shows with another one of my favorite Americana artists, John Hiatt. What I like about Lovett is that he blends country, Texas swing, big band, jazz, and gospel into a style that is uniquely his. He doesn’t sound like anyone else, and his music is without cliches.

Here’s a nifty live performance of “”That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas”:


A jazzy number from the 1987 album “Pontiac” that got a little airplay, called “She’s No Lady”:


And finally, the unabashedly goofy, “Penguins”:


Good music for chillin’, eh?

Next time, another Texan you might dig.

Cheerio! – Bobbo    🙂


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