Willie Nelson Shares New Album Details

Willie Nelson has shared the details surrounding his upcoming studio album, God’s Problem Child, out April 28. Hitting shelves just one day before Willie’s 84th birthday on April 29, the album will consist of 13 all-new tracks, including seven songs that he co-wrote. One of the songs Nelson co-wrote is titled “Delete And Fast Forward,” which he has said is a reflection of his views on the 2016 presidential election.


God’s Problem Child track listing is as follows:


1. “Little House On The Hill” (Lyndel Rhodes)


2. “Old Timer” (Donnie Fritz / Lenny LeBlanc)


3. “True Love” (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)


4. “Delete And Fast Forward” (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)


5. “A Woman’s Love” (Mike Reid / Sam Hunter)


6. “Your Memory Has A Mind Of Its Own” (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)


7. “Butterfly” (Sonny Throckmorton / Mark Sherrill)


8. “Still Not Dead” (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)


9. “God’s Problem Child” (Jamey Johnson / Tony Joe White)


10. “It Gets Easier” (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)


11. “Lady Luck” (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)


12. “I Made A Mistake” (Willie Nelson / Buddy Cannon)


13. “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” (Gary Nicholson)


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