Wood Iron Grille makes Iowa’s best burger

Iowa’s best burger can be found in Oskaloosa.  The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association announced Wednesday (5/1) that the Wood Iron Grille makes the best burger in the state.  Wood Iron Grille executive chef and co-owner Michael Glesener explains how their burger came out on top.

“From February through March, there was open voting. So anybody could vote their favorite restaurant in the top ten.  And so we got voted into that.  And then they (the Cattlemen’s Association) sent out a panel of judges to do a secret testing of each restaurant in the top ten.  Those judges select the winner.”

Without giving away any trade secrets, Glesener says what makes their burger so good is that the staff makes their burgers with love.  By the way, Wood Iron Grille has only been open for seven months, so that’s quite a feather in their chef’s hat.


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