Works Of Art Fill Up Fair Hall

OSKALOOSA — The Exhibit Hall at the Southern Iowa Fair was a hub of activity on Tuesday.

Just past the horticulture exhibits was a section set up to display crafts and works of art in the Care Facility Open Class.

“We have a lot of exhibits,” said Judge Peggy Wright, pointing out a lit Christmas tree made out of jewelry made by Fran Ferguson, 86; as well as
handmade afghans, as well as projects made out of tin cans, ceramic paintings, artwork, yarn and embroidery projects, jewelry, woodworking
and rugs. “As you can see, we have just a little bit of everything.”

Paintings were displayed, some original works, some paint-bynumber.

“Adult coloring has been very popular this year,” said Wright. “And it makes it so nice for those people because that’s something they can do and it turns out nice for them.”

Wright tapped the glass counter of a display filled with exhibits, including jewelry and china painting.

“Look at this this 3D puzzle,” she said. Eightyfive-year-old Bob Curry, from Homestead, put together the Eiffel Tower puzzle, which comes apart in thirds. “Isn’t that something?” Also in the display was a set of dominoes crafted by Melvin Bloem, 95, made out of wood from a fallen tree at his farm.

It wasn’t an easy task to judge the items. “It is difficult,” said Wright. “Now some of the things, I did judge last week for the care centers. I went around to the care centers (Homestead, Northern Mahaska Specialty Care, Crystal Heights and Oskaloosa Care Center) and that really was nice for them because they could see their projects being judged, and we just had a lot of fun.” Imagine the Possibilities also had entries in the open class.

Wright spoke with enthusiasm about each piece, clearly enjoying her job as judge. “It was great,” said Wright. “And it’s so important that these people get recognition for what they’re doing.”

Story provided by Angie Holland


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